Nature Cat Games

Working with the CloudKid team, I designed five HTML5 games for the PBS Kids show, Nature Cat. We wanted each game to appeal to a variety of ages and players, so each game features different mechanics and educational themes. I played various roles during the production, including concepting, game design, wireframing, branding, UI design/illustration. You can check out the final games on the Nature Cat website, enjoy!

Below are some process work and the final screens for River Rapid Rush, a racing game designed to teach kids, in an engaging way, about the different types of waterways (stream, river, and ocean). The game was intended for the higher end of the show’s demographics (6+), so we designed more sophisticated interactions and game mechanics.

To set creative context for the team, I created moodboards and color palettes for each game

Game screen concept sketches after initial wireframe and branding exploration

Final polished title screen design

Final GUI designs for character selection, boat selection, and race course screens. They were designed with one long panning background so users felt like they were inside the environment

Final GUI designs the pause screen and replay screen

Title screens for each of the other four Nature Cat games