Jibo is the world's first family robot companion and assistant. The design challenge was to create a visual language that was a cohesive extension of Jibo’s friendly personality, be easy to understand and could speak to the whole family. I designed Jibo's GUI style, color palette, emojis, and companion app design. I also assisted in directing animation and UX support.

Definied Jibo's character by setting keywords and moodboards
Early on we explored three different styles: flat, soft, and light that would affect the whole Jibo system
Designed a complex color palette to be used for GUI and emojis
Chose the Proxima Nova family as the official Jibo typeface based on legibility testing
Designed eye styles, menu GUI, emojis to all work within a system that compliments Jibo's whole form
App icon designs for Jibo's main menu
Various GUI and UX screen guidelines designed for Jibo's interface
Designed over 200 emojis that Jibo's eye transforms into as he relys messages and information
Set the inital style of the Jibo companion app while collaborating with the Mobile team