Honest Foods

Honest Foods is a nutritional system prototype designed for supermarket produce aisles. The system takes all the vitamins and minerals found in fruits and vegetables and breaks them up into categories relating to what they do. For example, fiber and protein make up "Fullness Factor". So the more green something has on the chart the more vitamins and minerals that item has.

Currently, it is rare for supermarkets to include produce nutritional facts. By adding labels with relevant, it will make the nutritional information more approachable and easily digestible, and improve the consumer experience.


Above is an example of a sign within the produce section to explain how Honest Foods works


An example of a nutritional label for kale, apples and oranges. On the label for Oranges, you can see it has a lot of red, which is the category for "Super Immune" (Vitamin C amounts). This nutritional chart makes it easy to quickly compare produce with a glance. By comparing the charts above, it’s clear that one cup of kale has just as much Vitamin C as oranges, and it also illustrates that an apple might not have as much nutritional value as you thought.  


Examples of how the nutritional system could live within a food store and unique individual labels for different kinds of super foods highlighting their strongest nutritional values.

This nutritional system could also live within in an app for information on the go, such as a farmer’s market or at home