Hey There!👋


My name is Heather Mendonça, and I’m a young but uniquely experienced designer with a burning passion for the creative process. I’ve worked at emerging startups developing original brands, apps, websites, games and most recently, robots! I’ve also worked with prominent media companies such as Nickelodeon, PBS Kids, Random House and many others.

I have experience with everything from visual and UX/UI design, concepting, and collaborating closely just about everyone from marketing to developers. This has shown me how important each step in the process is towards creating a truly stunning, cohesive, and intuitive product. Above all, I am excited about creating innovative and gorgeous products that make the world a happier place.

In my current position as a Senior Designer at Jibo, Inc., I work with many teams thinking critically about how polished design, animation, voice interaction, hardware, and human computer interactions can come together to create the world’s first consumer robot. 🤖  

Before that, I was at CloudKid where I was the principal visual designer, helping to create award-winning apps, websites and content for PBS Kids, Sesame Street, Nickelodeon, and many other children’s media giants.


When I’m not sitting at my desk designing, doodling or crafting up a storm; I can be found taking pictures of food 📸🍦, playing video games 🎮, watching youtube videos 📺, planning an insane travel trip (24 hours in Austin, TX anyone?), or applying my signature eyeliner 👀.


Let’s go grab tacos and collaborate!
Or just email me, that works too.